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Has african music found its place in the international scene?
Welcome to African Melodies
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In the Music Scene

Pick of the Week

Emachichi - Mpokee Yesu


Who we are

Artist1African Melodies is a Music Store dedicated to promoting music, with a strong emphasis on African Music. We bring to you a blend of music that will surely enrich your life by working closely with African Artists. We are committed to providing you with a large inventory of African Music. You will find detailed information about us by visiting the online store.Artist2

How we operate

Artist4This site was started as an initiative of African Melodies to provide africans living abroad with an opportunity not only to enjoy their rich music culture while away from home, but also to contribute to its development and sustenance by supporting african artists. While this site currently carries products and details of artists who have a working relation with African Melodies, it is open to all artists who desire to market their products and ideas internationally. We keep our prices low by maintaining a lean and efficient music store. .Artist3

This website makes it easy for you to search and sample the music or video's. Ordering is also equally easy. We ship within two business days for all items in stock

Our Promise

Artist5While we ascribe to the freedom of expression, specific efforts are made to provide content that meets good moral standards in line with our expection that the site is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users and hopes to build a good and strong community of africans and families living abroad.

We welcome you to enjoy the wide variety of music and communication products that are on offer. We promise to be at your side whenever you need assitance with information to make your purchases.


We have made great efforts to make your online purchases of the products offered safe. We gurantee to treat you with respect and dignity, safeguarding your private information in line with our privacy policy
Our Customers

We see in our customers, not only the potential to increase sales but the opportunity to work together for the good of our african heritage. We shall be at your service while you shop with us making all efforts to ensure that you have a good shoping experience.
Property Rights

We value our artists and recognize their efforts to teach and entertain while making an honest living. For this reason we strongly respect their property rights. Music and Video piracy is one infringement we do not condone. We encourage all our customers to respect our artists rights and take pride in improving the standards of our people. Let us all play fair. Let each one of us get what is due to them.



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